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Full Stack Developer / Java / Graphics Design

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Everything on my page, including design, SSL setup, all self made.
I am very capable, especially in IT.

"Piled up specks of dust become a mountain."

I am 17 years old.
I love computers.


my projects

One Life - Popular SMP // 2017

"One Life - Popular SMP" was my attempt at re-creating a modpack played by
famous YouTubers with more than a million subscribers each.
This was based on Minecraft, using Forge as a base. It since has 150k+ runs.

AIM: To re-create a private modpack for the public.
STATUS: Ongoing. Free-time passion project.

LunarCube (Java) // 2018

"LunarCube" was a very crazy idea of mine to work on a Minecraft Network.
This involved a future-proof deployment with lots of thought and planning.

AIM: Prioritise users and their experience using the service.
STATUS: Ongoing. Free-time passion project.

SilkySpawners (Java) // 2019

"SilkySpawners" was a Minecraft Mod I made back in 2019.
It allows users to break spawners with an enchantment and pick
said spawner up to use, rather than it breaking and vanishing.

AIM: To give 'Silk Touch' more personality.
STATUS: Finished, Discontinued.

Discord Bot (JavaScript) // 2020

This was one of my 'for fun' projects I actually ended up open-sourcing.
I wanted to experiment with JavaScript before I went onto deploying it on websites.
You can view the project on my GitHub.

AIM: To experiment with JavaScript, make a interactive 'bot' that you can build on.
STATUS: Finished. (HTML,CSS,JS) // 2021

This is the website you are currently viewing on your browser.
This is now my second attempt with making a website.

AIM: Portfolio Publishing, To look cool and have my own email.
STATUS: Ongoing. Added to when needed.

Tsuki Server (Java) // 2021

'Tsuki' was an idea to make custom server software which was
efficient and uses Spigot plugins as at the time 'Sponge'-
the only other 'competitor' was the only viable option.

AIM: Fast, Efficient and Compatible Server Software.
STATUS: Ongoing. Free-time passion project. (HTML,CSS,JS) // 2021

This was a pretty neat website design. Made for a bunch of
aspiring content creators.

AIM: A front page for a group of creators.
STATUS: Finished, Discontinued.

professional experience

- i am always professional.
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